• 8 April
  • Moscow, Novinsky boulevard, 25 k1 At the entrance to the House of Narkomfin

The House of Utopia: A journey into the House of Narkomfin

Москва глазами инженера
In 11 days
8 April from 17:00 till 18:30
Novinsky boulevard, 25 k1 At the entrance to the House of Narkomfin

The educational project "Moscow Through the Engineer’s Eyes" launches tours to the famous House of Narkomfin. It is a world-famous piece of the Soviet avant-garde architecture, intended to teach Soviet citizens how to live in a socialist utopia. You will see famous cell types F and K, and visit the first Soviet "penthouse.”

Background:  At the end of the 1920s, Soviet architects were working hard to organize a new socialist housing lifestyle. One of the leaders of constructivism architecture, Moisei Ginzburg, invented this transitional housing type with its innovative living cells.  Ginzburg was able to save on cost without sacrificing space.


In these very compact two-level cells there is minimal living space; however, a person could define his or her own private area. The house had well-developed infrastructure, complete with a canteen, gym, and club. It was supposed to be transitional, from individual housing to communal houses.


Narkomfin’s building architecture and layout, and its rich history has made it famous worldwide! On our "House of Utopia: a journey into the House of Narkomfin" tour you will:

  • Learn more about Soviet avant-garde and constructivism architecture;

  • Understand the history of Soviet communal houses and transitional houses;

  • View the famous type F cell, a very economical, duplex apartment

  • Examine the first Soviet "penthouse:" Nicholay Milutin’s rooftop apartment;

  • Learn about the fate of the house and plans for its reconstruction


When: every Saturday at 4pm

Where: At the entrance to the HouseofNarkomfin (Novinskiy boulevard 25-1) (look at map)

Duration: 1.5 hours


Price: 990 rubles: Advance ticket purchase required!

Group size: strictly limited to 15 people!


We also offer Moisei Ginzburg Architectural Works posters for sale (70x100 cm). The poster depicts the most famous projects of this outstanding architect of the Soviet avant-garde. Price — 300 rubles.

You can purchase the poster after the tour from our guides. To buy a poster without attending a tour, please call us at +7 (499) 322 23 25.


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